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twins game.over on first bass, the thunddr sent twins player josh willingham to his hands can see thee atcher pine for the dugout.the game - was delayed 46-minutes... and evvntually the players weree laugging it off. ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meeeorologist)) 3(traffic reporter ad llbs)))- 33& 3 3 we're giving away 250 dollar giant's our giant summer contesttthii mooning.... we'll give away a gift card bbtween 6:30 and'll have 15 minutes to ccll in ann cllim your prize. if the winner doesn't calll in... we'll draw another name. name.just go to our facebook page.. faaebook ot com slash foxbaltimore... become a ffn and complete the entty ffrm to enterrgo o our weesite for coming up... they're the people willing to jump out of airplanns.. and risk their lives.. to stop wiidfirrs. wildfires. plane>go on a trainnng run with them...after the bbeak. ((bump out)) [ male an, only at subway. add some flavor to your morning routine. build your better breakfast. give it an avocado kick. [ male announcer ] kick up your morning. try a f
and twins were delayed. and during the delay a twin's player tweeted that is the loudest noise i ever heard. i thought jesus was coming. that was really loud. >>> let's turn to our chief meteorologist bill martin, we are in for a warm up. >> yeah. we will heat up. temperatures warmed up today. mid-90s. almost triple digits tomorrow and wednesday we will see triple digits. a spare the air day tomorrow. we will see one on wednesday. the fog already responding to the high pressure that is building in. fog that is compressed against the coast. it fills in along the coast. visibilities will get low tonight. the fog is not coming up over the hills, not cooling the valleys and that means tomorrow will be a warmer day, especially inland. high pressure compresses, takes the fog and pinches it down against the coastal hills. the cooling influencesfluences can't get up into the valley. that means poor visibilities along highway 1 and drizzle possible. fog along the coast tonight. same for tomorrow, wednesday. it will be hot inland tomorrow and hotter wednesday. the classic summer pattern continues int
analysis of the twin pillars of the criminal law which are retribution and deterrence. the court makes the judgment that low i.q. means that you're less responsible and less likely able to be deterred. so the twin pillars of the criminal law don't really apply. but i'm not sure that the psychologists who do psychological testing and i.q. or the neuroscientists have really connected up the constitutional reasons why because it may be that they're substructures of i.q. that are more relevant to the eighth amendment question. it's not a general i.q. score that is ultimately relevant. in fact, the california supreme court has dealt with exactly that question of what subscales might be constitutional relevant rather than the global i.q. score. >> one question here which i think is very interesting. in my community, we strongly feel that diet plays a strong diagnosis of the violence we see, the intake of sugar which is heavily consumed is a factor. what is your take on that? >> diet certainly plays a role in controlling and behavior. you know, i'm not that familiar with all of the different
important because st. paul is one of two twin cities. st. paul and minneapolis are two cities that butt right up against each other separated only by the mississippi river. and that was really handy in 2008 because while the official republican convention was going on in st. paul, republicans that year also held a shadow convention at the same time in the other twin in minneapolis. and it was like a real convention, red, white, and blue ticker tape, a capacity crowd of adoring fans for the politics they were all there to see. even the obligatory rock song from tom petty who took legal action to try to stop them from using his music. the republican shadow convention in 2008 held across the river from the real deal was of course, a ron paul extravaganza. the ron paul shadow convention ended up being so big they had to move it into a bigger venue. >> i understand there's another meeting in a nearby town going on. let us be respectful. we have also noticed that those in the establishment aren't very anxious to welcome us in. >> what am i doing this for? what's the purpose of all this? and i
jose and his two brothers were at a group burial. their father was killed when his twin-engine gun ship went down during the vietnam war. five other men were inside the airplane at the time. their remains were recently found and identified >> they put their lives on the line for their country and they should be given a certain amount of respect when they come back and we're doing that now. >> one of the six crewmembers who was identified was buried earlier this month in oregon >> the threat of an internet meltdown never really materialized. the virus was created by criminal hackers and detected by the fbi last year. the fbi has been running internet servers as a temporary safety net to keep the infected computers online. those servers were shut down last night but only a few users were not knocked off line. >> the federal government has sued them and ordered businesses to stop illegal robotic calls >> it does not seem to help. actually what says there is a huge jump in unwanted and illegal telephone calls. >> maria get lots of phone calls and most of them are from someone trying to sell
unbelievable dust pick up in less time. i love that book! can you believe the twin did it? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ >>> a little bit muggy to start off this tuesday morning, but hard to complain. only 74 degrees at 4:28. a far cry from this time last week. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm lin yang. welcome to tuesday, july 10, 2012. >>> firefighters are trying to figure out what started flames at an elementary school. the fire was difficult to fight because the school doors were welded shut. according to "the washington post," the school has been closed since 2009, but the building is still used by the d.c. public school system. >>> today, there will be a vote on sweeping taxi reforms. it would require all cabs to install credit card readers, gps trackers and buttons to alert police of a dispute. most sound like improvements for customers, some drivers are not happy and hundreds protested the gps devices yesterday. the trackers would indicate whether cabs take longer routes to inflate prices or ignore parts of town. >> we sup
sound" sound"that's lighting hitting near the stadium puring a texxs rangees and minnesota twins game.over on first base, the thunder sent twwns player josh willingham to his hands and cann see the catcher was the first to make bee-line for the dugout.the game was delayed 46- players were laughing it off. 3 3 3 3 a drop in ttmperatues today... finally not so hottout therr. will this weather stick around? let's check back with meteorolooist tony ppgnotti. --fightinn nats--- nats--- a political debate turns dangerous... the shocking thing a lawmaker did on live tv... and the issue that set &pm off. - çç the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. now you have the power to lower gas prices with the bp visa with pump rewards. apply at common sense says the government houldn't be by á14 billion dollars.
of san francisco called twin peaks. >> to see the entire video go to if you live in the san francisco area we have lots of fans there, did you see what was going on? did you check it out? >> i want you to take a look at this video that is starting to go viral. >> my name is tony harrison. i'm a 20-year-old male. i have cancer since the age of 16. unfortunately, at the age of 20, which i'm at now, cancer is going to defeat me. in a matter of months. doctors say there's not much they can do. i created a bucket list. you're on my bucket list. i would love to meet you. >> he's created a bucket list and saying your aon my bucket list. i would love to meet you. the person he's talking about -- >> katy perry, if you're seeing this i would love to meet you even an hour of your time, it would mean a lot to me. >> this guy's one wish before the end of his life is to meet katy perry. of course people who saw this video, they were moved, they started sharing it with everyone. people are tweeting about it. people are talking about it on facebook. thousands of people have alrea
went out with a boom! a boom of lightning. the twins and the rangers battling each other, and the weather here, sending players running not for the ball, but for cover. watch it again. an explosion of storms. one of the strongest in fredericksburg, virginia. >> oh, my gosh. >> you're talking 13-force winds out there right now. >> reporter: in a building that looked like this, 14 competitive cheerleaders were practicing. that building is now a pile of rubble. >> ever been through anything like that? >> no, never. it was the scariest thing i've ever seen in my whole entire life ever. >> just think, we were doing handstands on friday. that's gone. >> reporter: what we didn't know was the cheer fusion team which has spent hours in this gym was stunned and panicked as the winds literally ripped apart the building. >> it was really scary, really loud, kids were screaming everywhere. kids didn't know where their parents were. parents didn't know where the kids were. >> reporter: they all ran to the back room, huddling together. trapped inside. with one of the dads, heath mullens
. >>. ♪ [ music ] . >> they are from austria sharing the stage with singers from indonesia. and from twin cities in minnesota. 19 choirs celebrating the 20th anniversary of the coral festival. >> it's so rich in experience for the kids in terms of hearing other great levels of singing and music from different cultures with different ways of singing. >> each chorus showcases it's culture, this is serious business. they're in competition. many languages and accents. they've come from around the world yet share something in common. that is music. >> we talk about music but we all have same interests. talking about boys and clothes, favorite colors and everything. >> talking about our experience in the choir and talking about when we're going to perform. >> they're hosted in homes while here. >> they offer their home to us for us to be here. i think it's amazing. >> it leads to lasting friendship autos some members who are now in their 40s are still corresponding with people they met when their 12 or 13. >> the concert is saturday night. >> they sound good. >> they do. >> temperatures going to be cl
, montana.. and twin falls, idaho. 41 agents working at those stations will be moved closer to the u.s. southern and northern borders. a spokesman says the change was not influenced by any recent news involving immigration. closing the nine stations is expected to save 1.3 million dollars a year. egypt's parliament met today ... in a defiance of the country's military rulers. new president mohammed morsy convene parliament for the first time since egypt's highest court said the parliamentary elections were unconstitutional. after the ruling .... the military disbanded the parliament. the military has been running the country since last year ... swhen longtime president hosni mubarek was overthrown in a revolution. teenager in florida... chomping-off part of his right arm. the 11 foot gator lunged at 17 year-old kaleb langdale as he swam in a river, and took him under. the gator took-off his right arm below the elbow. wildlife officers later caught and killed the gator, and retrieved his arm. but, doctors couldn't reattach it. his friends says he's in good spirits because the gator
to the brooklyn nets looks more and more likely process to facilitate a trade finally noisy twins rangers cam dallas lightning bolt combination enough to get knocked down player at first base everybody sprinting to the dugout covered the field some of these guys spending all star breaks dark quiet room somewhere trying to recover. ngrede [♪...] >> i've been training all year for the big race in chicago, but i can only afford one trip. and i just found out my best friend is getting married in l.a. there's no way i'm missing that. then i heard about hotwire and i realized i could actually afford both trips. see, when really nice hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so i got my four-star hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: save big on car rentals too, from $12.95 a day. whoa. right? get. out. exactly! really?! [ mom ] what? shut the front door. right? woop-woop! franklin delano! [ male announcer ] hey! there's oreo creme under that fudge! oreo fudge cremes. indescribably good. [ bell tolls ] agents, say
. a group burial was held today at arlington national cemetery. the crew died when their twin- engine gun ship went down during the vietnam war. thaw there remains for recently found and identified. one of the air man has a son in san jose. that son and his two brothers were at the burial today. a sixth air man on the aircraft was buried earlier this month in his home town in oregon. >> pg&e has new technology, they are using pigs to sniff out trouble, smart pigs. they unveiled a new device today to look for problems in their vast pipeline network. cate caugurian shows us how it works. >> pg&e's showed off a new upgraded detection tool used to inspect their natural gas pipelines. it is called the smart pig and this one will move from fremont to san lorenzo for the first time. it detects anomalies in pipelines and scams through slowly using magnetic technology. the idea is to prevent future catastrophes like the 2010 pipeline explosion in san bruno. this 14 ft. one time to as part of a systemwide assessment of gas transmission. some say it is overdue. the plan is to use them to scan throug
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is a triathlete. she is the mother of twin 8-year-old children. she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. she underwent the whipple procedure which is very tough. the surgery reroutes everything. it's tough. two weeks after her surgery, molly was back on her bike. >> are you on the phone? molly? >> she is in remission and training for her next triathlon. hi, molly! hi, kara. how are you doing? >> we're great. we are very excited. really excited. >> wow, we can't wait to see you. i cannot believe you were on a bike two weeks after surgery. >> i love to bike. yes, i was crazy to get back on my bike. >> you're 100% training for a new triathlon? >> i am training to hopefully do an ironman soon. >> you are insane. >> yes! i agree with hoda for once. we look forward to seeing you thursday, okay? have a nice trip up. >> we are very, very excited. thank you. >> so glad you're doing so well. usually sara does this, but we are going to do it. favorites of the week. >> fan of the week. >> it's a guy! >> steve peacock from selma, indiana. he is a military veteran who served in vietnam and the gulf w
league to the major leagues a scary moment happened on the field in texas yesterday during the rangers/twins game. [ thunder ] >> that was thunder. it sent the players scrambling into the dugout and then the sky opened up. a huge downpour, rain delay lasting 45 minute. >>> up next tragedy in maryland, new details about the drowning of three children. >> later look at this, a great white shark following a kayaker. we'll hear from him coming up. >> if you see a story we should look into, give us a call 202- 895-3000. send your tips to fox5tips at quick how many devices in your home use the internet? you're still counting aren't you? today we live online and in a few years the number of devices in your home will double. some networks can't handle it, but verizon fios is 100% fiber optic so it's faster and can handle it, and now a revolution in speed is here -- fios quantum speed, more than twice as fast as america has ever seen. to find out more about fios quantum go to call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. real big dea
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a twin rover for curiosity in terms of opportunity in terms of spirit which landed there in 2004. so this is all in one shot. there is no forward mars program beyond curiosity. nasa has been told to scale back the mars effort because of budget constraints and there is no follow-up if this one goes wrong. jon: walter, we mentioned you were part of the apollo program back in the '60s and '70s. when you were flying actively back then, did you think we would be on mars, i mean with human astronauts by now? >> i will have to say that back in those days, which was, late '60s, early '70s, there wasn't a one of us in the office that didn't think we would have a man on mars by probably 2,000 or 2010. and of course we're now farther away from that than we were in those days which is really a reflection of the change in attitude of the american public. it is very difficult to stand up and argue for manned landings on mars now when we have such deep economic problems because it will never be cheap. jon: walter cunningham, scott horowitz, tom jones, thanks to each of you. we'll be watching the la
a squeaking sounds with you at times? wd-40 quarterly results -- >> what time is it? >> if your twins had a swing in the backyard, wd-40. you don't have a backyard. that's why i said if. >> hinges. hinges on doors. just recently. you sneak around in the middle of the night. people are trying to sleep. >> pre-war building. >> i'm sneaking out to get here in the middle of the night. >> she had the music going and who knows what's going. >> i'm trying to defend you. >> oh, yeah, right. >> wd-40 quarterly results disappointed wall street. it said it was hurt by lower sales in its american segment. full year results will be at the lower end of its outlook blaming continued uncertainty in europe and oil prices. >> people buying fewer older cars or what? >> don't know what that was. alcoa was weird. we said it was earnings but it was a loss. pushed into a loss. >> better than expected. >> $2 million which is a zero loss because it's not even, doesn't equate to a per share loss. if you factor out items it was a six cent profit. $8 stock. >> comes the first day -- >> we have to make it significant
, have a bed that doesn't have to be a regular old twin bed. i as a single person in my 20s could live in a space this big. your shoes won't fit into this. >> my wig won't fit into it. this is the size of like a hotel room. >> a small hotel room. >> a small hotel room. >> this would look a lot smaller. >> could i live like that, yeah, if i had to. i grew up in a housing project. >> what do you expect to pay for a spaces like this? they are projecting they will go for just under $2,000 a month. >> now that's despicable. >> i thought you were going to say $800 to $1,000. >> every young person would love to have an apartment like this. >> $1200. >> not for $2,000. >> this caught my eye. we talked about fees airlines charging for extra baggage, meals, leg room, changing a reservation. well, nobody is proposing this. but a survey was taken by airfare they asked the question, would you pay an extra fee to get off the plane faster once you arrive after a trip at the terminal. would you guys pay that fee? >> i think it's a terrible idea. go back to class warfare. bow, you're sett
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Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)